Observe the security features of your banknotes

Please be informed that the occurrence of counterfeit banknotes in Malacca, as reported in the news recently, is an isolated case.

Based on BNM assessment, the counterfeit banknotes are of poor quality and can be recognised by its inferior printing and forged security features.


In addressing cases of currency forgeries, BNM works very closely with Polis DiRaja Malaysia to take prompt action in apprehending those who are involved in such criminal activities.

You are advised to lodge a report immediately with the police if you are in possession of any suspected counterfeit banknotes.

To determine whether or not a banknote is genuine, you should observe the following features (for all banknotes):

(i) Feel the quality and printing features of the banknote

Genuine banknotes are printed on high quality paper. It has a unique feel, i.e. slightly rough when touched and it is different when compared to normal pulp based paper. You should also look for the raised printing effect particularly on the portrait and letterings.

(ii) Hold the banknote against the light to observe these features

  • There is a three-dimensional watermark portrait of the First Yang di-Pertuan Agong at the unprinted area which appears soft and shady without sharp outlines.
  • The perfect see-through register – the see-through register design on the obverse and reverse side of the banknote register perfectly and form a complete image when the banknote is held against the light.
  • Genuine banknotes have a security thread with micro letterings, which is embedded in the paper. This thread appears intermittently on the banknote.

 (iii) Tilt the banknote to see colour/image change effect on hologram and security thread (where applicable)

The hologram stripe (only for RM50 banknote), glossy patch, colour shifting security thread and Micro lens security feature (only for RM100 banknote) will intermittently appear/change when the banknote is tilted under bright light.

For further information on Malaysian banknotes, please visit the Bank Negara Malaysia website athttp://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=en_mal_currency&pg=en_mal_currency_intro&ac=31


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